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Want to stop smoking during Covid 19?

We find ourselves to be living in some very different and challenging times due to the ongoing Covid 19 global health crisis. As we all know Covid 19 is a condition that affects the respiratory system and stopping smoking can only have a positive impact on your health.

Our traditional way of working with our clients around the world has in the main been to be face to face in groups of up to 20 smokers and for obvious reasons, the manner in we run our sessions has had to change. One thing that has not changed throughout this crisis, is people’s desire to stop smoking and we have had to adapt how we continue to support smokers who wish to do so.

As of the 20th April, we are now offering live online group stop smoking sessions to enable you to quit smoking as easily as you would do at one of our face to face sessions. The live online sessions still come with our unique 3 month money back guarantee and two free back-up sessions if required.

If you would like to stop smoking from the comfort of your own home, without the need to travel, then now is the perfect time. The technology involved is very easy to use and all that is required is a laptop or tablet and a pair of headphones with a mic. Unfortunately, smart phones are not suitable.

Spaces on each live session are very limited so if you would like to take the next step to stop smoking click here to book you session.

Take care, stay safe and we look forward to helping you stop smoking.

Jim and Paul