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Aviva Health cover Allen Carr Clinics for it’s members

Aviva Health has announced that it will cover the Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking Clinics for its members. Aviva Health is the first and only health insurer to cover smoking clinics in Ireland and will pay over one third of the cost of the treatment.Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking Clinics are held in 5-hour group sessions with a fully qualified therapist. Most people need just one session, but short booster sessions are available within a three month period, free of charge for those that need them. Over 20,000 smokers have attended the Allen Carr clinics throughout Ireland since they started in 1998. The Allen Carr clinics have a world-renowned track record for success in their field and we’re proud to be partnering with them on this development. Through health insurance benefits such as this, we are empowering our members to alter their lifestyle in a positive way.”Discussing the clinics, Brenda Sweeney, Allen Carr Easyway Clinics said: “The Easyway system is effective because it focuses on the reasons why we smoke, rather than on the reasons why we shouldn’t. The physical withdrawal symptoms from nicotine are relatively slight, so Easyway removes all the reasons we give ourselves to continue to smoke. Easyway also removes the fear of stopping, fear that life will not be the same without a cigarette so that by the end of the session you will leave happy to be a non smoker.”
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