Easyway is without doubt the most successful method of helping people to stop smoking in the world. Since 1983 over ten million people have stopped smoking with the help of Easyway books and Easyway clinics. There are now 70 clinics in over 30 countries worldwide.

World-wide corporate clients of Easyway include companies such as Radio Forth, Esso, BMW, HP Invent, Sony, Woolworths, London Stock Exchange, Marks & Spencer, IKEA, BP, Chemical Bank, Guinness, DuPont, Levi Strauss, KLM, Virgin, IBM, Schweppes, JCB, Allied Dunbar, Channel 4, PPP Healthcare and Nestle to name but a few.

Irish clients include Aer Rianta, ESB, AXA Insurance, Elan Corp., Pepsi, Waterford City Council, Musgrave Supervalue and many other well-known Irish organisations.

Follow up studies, up to two years later, by corporations using Easyway (such as Levi-Strauss, IBM, and Schweppes) have shown that between 60% and 80% of those smokers who attended a four and a half-hour session continued to be happy non-smokers. No other method comes close to this success rate.

 A recent Vienna University study shows:

A 53.3% success rate for the stop smoking seminars after 12 months.

The most important findings were:

– The Easyway course success rate is 53.3% after 12 months

– 86.3% experience a sense of gain by no longer smoking

– 58.1% indicate that their state of health is ” better” to “much better” after 12 months

– Their quality of life in terms of health has shown a significant improvement after just 3 months.

Smokers attend a group session; Sessions can be held in one of our venues, which we encourage to ensure a higher success rate. We have venues around the country that we regularly use.

Normally a single group session of five hours is enough to ensure that a smoker leaves the session as a non-smoker, happy to be a non-smoker and without the need to attend further sessions.

Reasons For Implementing A Corporate Stop Smoking Programme

Most people will know colleagues and employees whose lives and health would benefit from stopping smoking. Investing in a programme to help people stop smoking gives the desirable picture, both to staff and outsiders, that the company cares for the well being of its employees.

Studies conducted for our leading corporate clients show a return on investment exceeding 600% through productivity gains derived from the implementation of our stop smoking programme.

Many companies have accepted the overwhelming evidence about the harm caused by cigarette smoke upon the health and productivity of smoking and non-smoking employees. Spurred on by the increasing worldwide litigation from non-smokers whose health has been damaged while working in a smoking environment, the obvious solution has been to simply ban smoking in the workplace. The Irish Government implemented a ban on smoking in all workplaces in March 2004. Unfortunately while this removes the problem of passive smoking, the effect is usually to decrease the productivity of smoking employees. Smokers often resent the introduction of this new working condition and may well leave their work area to “sneak” cigarettes in stairwells, lift areas or even outside the building. Other smokers will clock-watch in a distracted state, waiting for lunch-breaks or the end of the working day when they can finally have a cigarette. For these reasons our corporate clients have discovered that Easyway’s approach of simultaneously helping employees to stop is a more effective way of tackling the issue of smoking in the workplace.

Employers are now more aware that action needs to be taken to  improve productivity.

Typical benefits include:

  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction in stress levels
  • More Energy
  • Better Health
  • Boost profits
  • Improved Employer/ employee relations, and improved company morale

Please contact, Call 1890 379929 to arrange to speak with your Key Account Manager, to discuss your requirements further and look forward to a happier and healthier workplace.

Success stories

Total Oil

Total are one of Allen Carr’s Easyway’s most regular international clients.

Nick Read

Director of Marketing & Membership Pruhealth (Prudential)

Allen Carr’s Easyway are PruHealth’s exclusive smoking cessation partner in the UK.

Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard has sent many of his friends and staff to Easyway seminars, and Easyway has an ongoing program for Virgin staff.