Why should I choose this method?
This is the most successful stop smoking method worldwide with a success rate of over 90% (based on money back guarantee). Allen Carr’s method has a 30 year track record and has helped millions to stop smoking. With our three month money back guarantee you have nothing to lose and so much to look forward to when you become a non-smoker.
How many in a group?
Generally, group sessions are conducted with a maximum of 25.

Can I smoke during the session?
Yes, regular smoking breaks are provided outside culminating in the final cigarette approximately one hour before the end of the session.

Cost of session?
The price for an individual is €320.00 which includes two back up sessions and a full three month money back guarantee for our private clients. We also provide a special rate for those on current social welfare and/or medical cards, call us on 01 4999010 for details. We also offer a corporate rate, again call or email us for details on info@allencarr.ie.

Will I put on weight?
This is one of the biggest fears of stopping smoking. But once you understand the trap of smoking you need not put on weight. Lack of nicotine does not put on weight, food does. Let’s look at this logically, if lack of nicotine put on weight then all non-smokers would be overweight, which is not the case and of course it would follow that all smokers would be thin and that is certainly not the case!

Do I have to want to stop?
Most smokers want to quit, they just don’t know how to succeed. Perhaps you have tried many times in the past and are convinced that it is not possible but you have been going about it the wrong way. If you can come along to the session with an open mind, knowing that we are here for you every step of the way then you should have no problems.

What if I have read the book, Allen Carr’s Easyway?
The sessions are often attended by people who have read Allen Carr’s book previously (although it is by no means a prerequisite). Some may have had short-term success, some may not have stopped at all, but they usually feel there is something about the method which might be able to help them. Sometimes things don’t gel or important points can be missed or remain unclear from the book. The clinic sessions are, of course, based on the same method (and so certain points may be familiar to someone who has read the book previously) but they are especially designed to deliver the method in a deeper, more personal and interactive manner. You are welcome to talk about your previous experiences and ask questions about the book.

I tried reading Allen Carr’s book but reading really isn’t for me. Will I get the same results from just one seminar?
The clinic is the most effective means of delivering Allen Carr’s Easyway method. It is live, instant, interactive and visual, plus you have the opportunity to question and challenge any point. We think you will enjoy our seminars more than trying to force yourself to read and our dedicated therapists will be there to support you all the way. If reading isn’t for you then our stop smoking seminars are the perfect solution. Don’t forget we have two back-up sessions included in your fee should you need them over a three month period.

What about the terrible withdrawal pangs from nicotine?
The physical withdrawal from nicotine is so slight most smokers don’t realise they are addicts. What smokers suffer when they try to quit using other methods is the misery and depression caused by the belief that they are being deprived of a pleasure or a crutch. The Allen Carr’s Easyway method removes the need and desire to smoke. Once you are in the right frame of mind and follow the simple guidelines given during the session, the physical withdrawal from nicotine is hardly noticeable.

What aids do you use?
NONE! We do not use any gimmicks, useless aids or substitutes. No nicotine gum, patches, lozenges, tabs, inhalers or nasal sprays! No needles! No lasers! No drugs! No herbs! No E-cigarettes! No shock treatment!

Who conducts the session?
All sessions are conducted by fully-qualified Allen Carr’s Easyway therapists. All our therapists are former smokers who themselves quit using the Easyway approach and all are licensed Members of the Association of Allen Carr Therapists International. You can be assured that when you attend an Allen Carr’s Easyway seminar you WILL see someone who…

  • has quit with the Easyway Method
  • was a former smoker
  • understands your problems and fears
  • will have empathy with your current situation

You will NOT see someone who…

  • has never smoked

Can I still socialise / enjoy my life when I stop?
Of course you can! Remember you are not going to stop living. You will be freeing yourself from an addiction that has controlled you since you started smoking. Non- smokers enjoy meals, drinks, holidays, and social occasions and so will you. You have just forgotten what it’s like to be a non- smoker.

Is there a specific corporate service?
Yes, we do provide a corporate service nationwide.

Please contact info@allencarr.ie or call us on 01 4999010 to have a chat and request a corporate pack.